struggling with being different

Everyone, at some point in their lives, struggles with being different.  Growing up in an immigrant home in Minnesota, I’ve always been an outsider.  Thankfully by middle school, I learned to be very comfortable in that role.  In most instances I’ve been able to find my merry band of misfits.  We have a good time together.

However, as I age, I’m becoming even more of an iconoclast.  If I received a nickel every time someone told me I was “unique”, I might be able to graduate from HBS debt-free!   Misfits are harder and harder to find and it’s isolating.  Last night I was having dinner with some colleagues.  I made some seemingly uncontroversial statements (“I’m trying to radically decrease the number of things I own”, “motherhood has limited appeal to me”), and people looked at me as if horns had sprung from my forehead.

With a class of 900, I should be able to find some like-minded (or simply open-minded) people at HBS.  But I’m getting a little nervous that I won’t.

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